Recently, the developers visited the ISPO exhibition in Munich, where they presented the electric self-production of their own production called Eagle, which, according to the creators, should emphasize the elegance and ease of their offspring.

The battery capacity is enough for 15 kilometers, but the duration of the trip can be increased by inserting another battery into a special compartment on the steering column – then Eagle can drive up to thirty kilometers. You can charge the “Eagle” from the car’s cigarette lighter or from an ordinary outlet.

The scooter is capable of speeding up to 25 kilometers per hour, independently prompting the road and sharing with the owner various useful information. In addition, the scooter can report on the situation on the road and predict the weather – this is the display located on the steering wheel. In addition, it can also duplicate the screen of the smartphone and track calls, incoming messages and other information via Bluetooth.

The prototype brought to the exhibition was made of plastic, but in the series there will be a scooter made of carbon fiber. Its frame is doubled, which makes it easy to carry it on the shoulder or in a large bag, so even if the scooter batteries sit down, it will obviously not be a big burden.

The price of the scooter will be announced later, closer to the start of sales. It is planned to start production not earlier than next year.

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