The manufacturer of mobile equipment, Chinese companies Xiaomi and Hasbro, a toy manufacturer, decided to give the character “Sound Transformers” of the universe (the rights to which belong to the latter) a new look. The companies created a toy tablet, which is assembled in a 19-centimeter version of the Decepticon robot.

Vice-president of the international department of Xiaomi Hugo Barra shared on his Facebook page that his “team has done a very good job of making the color, shape and details of the toy very similar to the real tablet of Mi Pad 2”.

The owner of the new toy definitely should be a person who loves various puzzles, because to assemble or disassemble the robot, you will need to perform 30 different operations each time, which, of course, makes the toy even more interesting.

Of course, it would be much steeper if the tablet was real (working), but the toy gadget will be sold in stores for only 169 yuan (about 26 dollars). Interestingly, Xiaomi opened a crowdaming campaign to raise funds for the development and production of this toy. The required amount by the time of writing this text has already been exceeded by 375 percent.

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