Recently, the drones have been closely integrated into our lives. They are used by photographers, cameramen, delivery services , scientists and even parents to entertain their children. But there are those people for whom drones are an additional threat to security in their difficult work. We are now talking about airport employees . The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seriously concerned about the increase in the number of drones flying dangerously close to various airports.

What would the Civil Aviation Authority do to protect airports from quadrocopters and other radio-controlled cars, people simply do not hear them. Already a law on this subject was released, and the public tried to inform, and evenspecial application for a smartphone have been published – but people do not quit and persistently continue to buzz their toys near airports.

In order to somehow protect thousands of passengers from amateur pilots, the FAA made an unusual decision. The agency teamed up with a private CACI company to test and implement at US airports the tracking technology for drones and their owners in dangerous proximity to the runway. Thus, it is planned to maximally secure the take-off and landing aircraft from collisions with radio-controlled drones.

The prototype of the new tracking system scans the radio signals that are used to control the drones, and if such signals were detected, then the system is able to find the owner of the drone in a radius of up to 8 kilometers from the airport. Initially, it is planned to install the system in several American airports for field testing. Airport names inpress release the FAA website is not specified.

Perhaps in the future, agencies from other countries will also adopt similar systems for tracking drones and their owners, as “dronomania” continues to gain momentum, and thanks to Chinese online shopping, today you can buy a radio controlled quad copter for a penny, without leaving it from home.

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