ACPAD is the world’s first wireless MIDI controller for guitarists . This gadget is quite capable of turning a classical six-string guitar into a full-featured synthesizer with a built-in sampler, a bunch of settings and other sound buns. This device was developed by German musician Robin Sucroso, who since 2009 experimented with various prototypes and, finally, presented us with the final version of his invention.

The idea of ​​ACPAD before the ingenious is simple. You just need to stick a thin synthesizer out of the polymer substance on the frontal guitar deck, and no glue is needed, as it is fairly firmly held on the smooth surface of the guitar by itself, and at any time it can be easily peeled off without damaging the instrument. On the surface of the synthesizer are various control elements, including two sliders, 10 buttons of sound settings, two samplers with the ability to record and loop the sounds, as well as 8 round touchpads with sensitivity to the force of pressing and gold-plated contacts for more precise operation.

ACPAD - MIDI controller that turns your guitar into an orchestra

All functions of the synthesizer are easily configurable and programmed with the help of official software. The musician can assign to the keys the sounds of various musical instruments , thereby turning his guitar into a real orchestra. Of course, for a full gadget to work it will need to be connected to a computer or mobile device via USB or wireless. ACPAD is powered by batteries hidden in its body, which last for 4-5 hours of continuous use of the guitar.

ACPAD - MIDI controller that turns your guitar into an orchestra

One of the most important tasks of ACPAD developers was the minimization of delays between pressing the controller keys and playing sound. In the final version of the device, the delays were reduced to the maximum possible minimum, at which the musician does not experience any discomfort. You can see the work of the device in the video just below. The song is performed by the creator of ACPAD Robin Sucroso.

The device should go on sale in May 2016, but for now you can support the developerson kraudfanding-portal Kickstarter. ACPAD is currently available at a reduced price of 219 euros, and after it goes on sale, the price will soar to 349 euros.

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