The more difficult the task is, the more energy it takes to fulfill it. But modern computer devices, being very powerful, also often run on battery power. And there is a need to save energy. This is mainly about laptops, tablets and smartphones. But there are other PCs for which energy saving is not so important and performance plays a much greater role. About the users of such computers, Microsoft also took care.

Microsoft has added a new mode of increased power consumption “Ultimate Performance” to those users who want to “squeeze” out of their computer the maximum performance, reports Monica Chin, considering the new function of the forthcoming update on the pages of the resource

The new mode of power consumption for today is a function of the evaluation version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17101, which was released last Wednesday. This version of the operating system allows a number of users to familiarize themselves with the upcoming update of Windows 10. It is expected that the update in question will be released in March or April 2018. The Ultimate Performance power mode is designed for use on high-end computers, that is, devices whose maximum performance is gigantic.

To date, the basic mode of power consumption for Windows is balanced (“Balanced”), which provides the optimal combination of computer performance and energy consumption. In a new mode of power consumption, which will be available to users after the upcoming update of the operating system Windows 10, performance takes precedence over energy efficiency. As a result, energy will be consumed more.

This power mode will not be available for laptop-powered notebooks. After all, energy-saving technologies not only allow you to more economically relate to the energy reserve in the battery, but also reduce productivity. In the new “Ultimate Performance” mode, these restrictions will not be applied. Of course, the operating system will no longer care about the optimal power consumption only when the “Ultimate Performance” mode is enabled. And only the user can decide what is more important for him – maximum performance or moderate power consumption.

In the forthcoming update, in addition to the above-mentioned new regime of increased energy consumption, a number of other improvements will be implemented. Previously ,another important new feature of the upcoming OS update was also considered , which allows you to quickly and conveniently connect Bluetooth devices.

Initially, this feature is implemented for Surface Precision Mouse. The operating system Windows 10 informs its user about the quick connection of the mouse in question and the connection of the PC with it.

With the implementation of the new function, numerous users of the Windows 10 operating system will no longer need to search in the settings section for adding a Bluetooth-interfaced device. According to an additional report, the software giant Microsoft is working with a number of companies, including Logitech. The purpose of this cooperation is to provide support for a new function with various devices connected to a computer using Bluetooth.

It should be noted that users of mobile software platforms Android and iOS already enjoy the possibility of quick and comfortable pairing of Bluetooth-devices with a mobile device. Thus, smartphones were more convenient than computers in this regard.

Further improvement of the operating system Windows 10 does not surprise anyone. After all, a modern OS needs to be popular not only among users, but also among developers who create software for the platform and thereby greatly expand its capabilities and functionality.

Developing operating systems companies traditionally hold annual conferences for developers. This year Microsoft’s Build Conference will be held from May 7 to 9 in Seattle. It’s interesting to note that Google I / O, a conference for developers of the search giant, developing the most popular mobile platform – Android, will take place almost simultaneously with the corresponding event of Microsoft – from May 8 to May 10, 2018. Thus, the days of significant presentations will coincide.

At such conferences, software companies show their most interesting developments to application developers for their operating systems. And this makes these events interesting not only for programmers, but also for a wide audience of users, which, on the basis of these announcements, makes up an idea of ​​the possibilities that will find its use in computer devices of the future.

At the Build 2017 conference, the software giant Microsoft was pleased with the new software tools (cloud and for developers), as well as the next version of Windows 10.

This year, Build starts earlier than I / O. It should be noted that the huge popularity of smartphones makes a conference for developers, conducted by Google, very interesting. It is not excluded that in 2018 a conference that starts a day earlier will be able to attract to itself some of the interest that usually goes to the Android operating system and related technologies. After all, many people wishing to attend one of the most significant events of the year in the software industry will not be able to attend both conferences.

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