Even before Tesla acknowledged that the recent a fatal crash happened with the participation of an autopilot, the deceased owner of Model X repeatedly complained to Tesla about the malfunction of the function, and precisely on this stretch of the road. And the other day a video appeared on the network that makes the words of the dead engineer Apple Walter Huang about the failure of the Tesla autopilot more convincing.

The author of the video – the owner of the Model S – driving along the road where the tragic accident happened, focuses on the strange behavior of the autopilot. When approaching that very place, the autopilot, pre-signaling with an audible signal about the need to intervene in the control, begins to drive the car to the left in the direction of the bump. On video this moment is shown in the slow motion playback mode.

Yes, one single video can not unequivocally speak about some error in the operation of Tesla systems. In addition, you can not be 100% sure that this is what happened during the fatal accident. But even for a simple coincidence, you can not write anything off. As usual, in such cases it is better not to make hasty conclusions and wait for the manufacturer’s official comment if he will.

But potentially this could be the first time in history that a fatal road accident happened precisely because of (in fact) autonomous driving systems . However, it is technically impossible to formally blame the autopilot or make any claims to the manufacturer for legitimate reasons, even if the “fault” of the system is proved. Tesla says that her autopilot is not full, and the responsibility for control lies entirely with the driver of the car.

Source: YouTube

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