British researchers have determined that the battery of the Nissan Leaf electric car with a capacity of 30 kWh degrades many times faster than the less capacious version at 24 kWh. To do this, they conducted 1,382 measurements of the state of health of batteries (State of Health, SoH) in 283 copies of electric vehicles Nissan Leaf, released from 2011 to 2017.

During the analysis of data it became known that for two years of operation the status of batteries with a capacity of 30 kWh deteriorates by 9.9% per year, whereas a battery at 24 kWh for the same time lost only 3.1% per year in capacity. Thus, after two years of operation, the battery at 24 kWh retained about 94% of the capacity, while the more capacious version came close to the 80% mark.

Recall that Nissan was counting on batteries Electric vehicles will retain about 80% capacity in 5 years of operation. As can be seen from the graphs, the 24 kWh option fits into these boundaries without any problems, whereas the 30 kWh battery shows a much worse trend, which is unlikely to allow it to reach the planned parameters.

If we talk about the border in 85% of capacity, According to researchers, the average battery of 24 kWh will reach it in 4.6 years of operation, while the 30 kWh variant will lose as much in just 2.1 years. Accordingly, the power reserve will also fall, which, according to the researchers, will significantly affect the attractiveness of electric cars for potential buyers and the level of positive assessment for Nissan Leaf owners.

It is interesting that according to the results of the research, experts noted the minimal effect of high-speed charge on battery health, and also noted that batteries with a capacity of 30 kWh on the European Nissan Leaf are first degraded more slowly than on copies from Japan, but after two years these rates are equalized.

The report “Accelerated Reported Battery Capacity Loss in 30 kWh Variants of the Nissan Leaf” can be viewed at the following link.

Recall that recently Nissan launched a battery replacement program in the old electric cars Nissan Leaf, offering a choice of “rebuilt” unit For $ 2,850, or a new one for $ 6200. Also, we recently detailed the details of the repair of this electric vehicle in the article “Repair of Nissan LEAF: AKB for $ 3-6 thousand and replacement of oil.”

P.S. In Nissan, they took this study seriously and promised to deal with cases of rapid degradation of batteries with a capacity of 30 kWh.

Source: InsideEV`s

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