Recent attempts by NVIDIA and AMD to smooth out the deficit by distributing recommendations to retail partners on restricting the sale of video cards to miners according to the rule “no more than one or two in one hand “, Had the opposite effect. At least that’s what Josh Riddett, the founder of one of the largest UK producers of mining farms in the Easy Crypto Hunter collection, said in a recent interview with Digital Trends. According to Riddett, all these restrictions on the number of video cards that are released in one hand are not just do not work from the word at all, but they also allow large companies like his own to make additional profits.

The fact is that with the introduction of the rule “no more than one or two video cards in hand” some stores from beginner miners simply did not remain foreign th version, how to contact the producers of ready systems for the production of crypto currency. Even the latter, according to Riddette, have no special problems with buying the required number of video cards, even high-end models of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

The founder of Easy Crypto Hunter recognizes that sometimes it takes more effort to get the required number of video cards, but his company spends a lot of money on “the right people”, often buying products on preferential terms.

It remains to add that the stabilization of prices for video cards is not expected this year, and the current difficulties are more due to the shortage of DRAM memory (priority is found the producers of smartphones), rather than a crypto-currency boom, which apparently began to fade.

Source: Digital Trends

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