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          About Haima
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          Established in 1958, Haima Group Corporation is located in Weihai, a beautiful and pleasant coastal city at the eastern tip of China. In the garden like industrial park, stands an advanced Axminster carpet mill.

          According to the statistics of Chinese Carpet Industry Association, in 2012 the total sales volume of Haima Axminster carpets reached 2.6 million square meters and Haima becomes an outstanding Axminster carpet manufacturer globally. Since the joint venture cooperation with Couristan carpets in 2005, by sharing the common manufacturing platform.
          The rapid development of Haima benefited from thousands years history of Chinese carpet culture and the influence of Confucianism which also creates the unique company philosophy, Professional makes Harmony.

          -- The professionalism of Haima is rooted in its complete chain of manufacturing from spinning, dyeing, weaving, tufting, to finishing under the control of advanced management system (acquired ISOS9001 in 1997). This ensures the sustainable and stable quality of the products. With the new technique and the advanced equipment, it guarantees the products of excellent quality.

          -- The professionalism of Haima stems from the innovative R&D center. It leads the carpet industry to take the way of scientific & technological development. It has won numerous state patents for inventions and scientific & technological innovation prize. It developed technology of making marine carpets certified by IMO and high-speed train carpets certified by NFP/NFF of France.

          -- The professionalism of Haima comes from a team of passionate and creative designers and the concept of coordination with international design companies such as HBA, Wilson, LEO, GETTYS etc. It won the Gold Award in Asia Pacific Designing Show and Haima carpets was rated as preferred brand.

          -- The professionalism of Haima results from the wide spread sales network around China and overseas dealers in more than 50 countries over five continents. This forms a smooth bridge to communicate with owners and designers. There are over 1000 five star hotels worldwide installed with Haima carpets.

          -- The professionalism of Haima is originated from the concept of social responsibility and low carbon environmental protection. It obtained the ISO14001 International Environmental system certification in 2004. In the garden like mill, there are recycling and low carbon environmental protection facilities everywhere.
          Haima sewage treatment plant transforms the polluted industrial waste water to reutilized water irrigating every weed and blade in the garden.
          The environmental air automatic monitoring station monitors the level of SO2, NO2, PM2.5 content in the air to meet the national requirement of environment air quality standard.
          Haima cooperates with the Chinese Environmental Protection and New Energy Research Institute for recycling the waste carpets and waste material during the manufacturing process.
          The mill green coverage rate reached 35%.
          The unit coal consumption of carpet is 0.0019T/m2.

          --The professionalism of Haima lies in always producing the healthy products. It obtained the OHSAS18001 Healthy system certification in 2010. Employees enjoy the feeling of achievements while working in the healthy environment. Haima carpet got the American Green Label plus certificates which can contribute to earn credits to the Leeds rating.

          Haima operates carpets as cultural products, creates carpets as carrier of culture to advance the development of human society and civilization. In Haima, the standard of good carpet is to please the five sense organs which can offer you visual beauty, fresh with no peculiar smell, reducing noise, providing comfort and maintaining appearance, improving IAQ by trapping allergens and dust, cushioning feet steps, reducing slips and falls.

          Haima carpet, a professional carpet supplier, will make the enterprise and the society more harmonious and inspire the products and civilization more harmonious.

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