A new portable software and hardware complex in a shock-resistant package was presented to the public at the exhibition “Military Communications – 2016”, which takes place from October 17 to 21 in Kubinka near Moscow.

“By order of the Airborne Forces, we built in the computer a device for” reading “a special heavy-duty flash card manufactured in Russia. It is not afraid of water, fire, can withstand falling from a great height, “the representative of the United Instrument-Making Corporation (OPK) quotes Interfax.

The new hardware and software complex is a protected notebook designed for operation under the most stringent conditions, it works perfectly in the mud, in the rain and persistently undergoes mechanical influences. With its help you can send management commands, open and confidential data, the laptop can work on various communication channels, including closed ones.

Among other things, it has an IPI camera built in, with which you can organize a videoconference or use it for observation. Data transmission over the cellular network reaches a speed of 150 Mbit / s, over the radio – up to 230 Kbit / s, on the satellite – up to 1 Mbit / s.

The laptop was already tested during the recent military exercises. It is reported that he received high praise from the leadership of the Airborne Forces.

“The laptop is able to work both autonomously, so from the on-board network, for example, in a helicopter or car, as well as from a 110-220-volt outlet,” the press service of the military industrial complex informs.

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