Developed by the British technology startup Smart Antenna Technology, the laptop antenna combines support for the following wireless standards: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G LTE and WiGig (60 GHz). Thus, the antenna developed by scientists from the University of Birmingham allows replacing five different antennas. Despite the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, computers still retain their importance to such an extent that they even support their applications for mobile devices .

More details on the new development of British researchers were told in the sciencedaily.compublished resource “Tiny multi-function antenna for laptops”.

The British technological startup invented the world’s first multifunctional antenna for laptops, which will save already limited space in a compact computer.

Startup Smart Antenna Technology (SAT) was founded by Dr. Sampson Hu in 2013. The scientist notes that the antennas currently used can not be located directly next to each other, since in this case they interfere with the signals, leading to a decrease in performance.

Dr. Sampson Hu to develop a new type of antenna were attracted from investors 3.3 million British pounds sterling. If the laptop has a metal casing, the antenna can not be placed on top of the screen of the laptop or motherboard, so it takes up additional space.

If the antennas are placed too close to each other, they create interference, which leads to reduced efficiency and increased power consumption.

If the laptop is metal, then it is not possible to place the second (additional) antennas for Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G LTE, which could provide the function Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO, “multiple input and multiple output”), which allows you to increase the download speed.

This problem can be overcome by a MIMO antenna developed by scientists, the use of which can solve two important tasks at the same time – increasing both the download speed of data and the duration of the device from battery without recharging.

In addition, according to Dr. Sampson Hu, the structure of the new antenna, which is a single piece, also reduces the size and costs.

The second problem with using a laptop is that when a user is working at a computer, his hands are located on the keyboard and often interfere with one of the five antennas. The design of the new antenna also avoids this problem.

Dr. Sampson Hu, who originally from Guangdong Province (China), invented the MIMO antenna system as a Ph.D. work at Birmingham University.

Startup Smart Antenna Technology is in talks with Sony to establish the production of the antenna systems in question at the Technology Center of the company located in Wales near Cardiff.

The invention was highly appreciated by such a famous expert as Dr. Colin Tucker, former chief engineer (CTO) and chief operating officer (CTO) of Orange business in Europe and founding head 3, the first 3G operator in the UK.

The advantages that the industry can obtain in the event that the wireless antenna becomes a single piece are obvious and have been considered above.

Compactness is an important quality of a modern laptop. A micro-notebook can be made even from the case from the hard drive . About making laptops thinner and lighter , took care, creating last year their touchscreen, and LG.

The old software and hardware technologies are leaving, new ones are coming into their place. In this context, it should be noted that the support for new computer processors is provided only by the new operating system – Windows 10.

How important is it to combine support for all wireless communications in one device antenna?

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