Yesterday, Apple held a traditional presentation, which presented the company’s vision of the future of television. At the same time, the new MacBook Pro notebooks were shown, one of which became even thinner than the MacBook Air, and a new cool feature called the Touch Bar. The touchbar replaces the function keys and adapts to the software that is running on the laptop. In general, it was a small event with a bunch of news and new laptops that did not cause a sad smile. Unless the price “smiled”.

MacBook Pro received a fat update

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the original PowerBook, the first Apple laptop, and on the anniversary it was considered appropriate (finally) to update the MacBook Pro. Recently began to suspect that the new MacBook Pro will disappear the usual functional keys, and they will be replaced by a touch-sensitive OLED-bar-Touch Bar.

The design itself was reduced in volume compared to the previous Retina MacBook Pro: it became 14-17% thinner and almost three hundred grams lighter. Available 13- and 15-inch models, in silver or dark gray colors (silver / space gray). The new MacBook Pro also received a Force Touch trackpad and updated second-generation butterfly keys from the 12-inch MacBook.

For the 15-inch model, Apple offers a quad-core Core i7 processor, an AMD Radeon Pro graphics card (up to 4 GB) and up to 16 GB of RAM; The 13-inch version can be equipped with a processor i5 or i7 to choose from and an Intel Iris graphics card. There are four USC-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, any of which can be used to charge the computer, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. The slot for the SD card was removed.

Touch Bar replaces the function keys with an interactive touchscreen

Touch Bar (tachbar) became the star of yesterday’s show. Retina-panel replaces the functional keys of the keyboard, responds to gestures and touches. Also it changes with the software, so if the user is in a web browser, the touchbar will give him the bookmarks, the ability to open a new tab, switch between them or go to another site. When working with photos, the control buttons pop up. Users can use the touchpad to search by photos, change filters or size. In general, this represents an easy addition to the physical keyboard.

Touch ID comes on MacBook Pro


Touch ID also integrates next to the Touch Bar, right into the power button. It uses the same fast fingerprint sensor of the second generation as the iPhone 6s / 7, with a sapphire coating and includes a new T1 chip for Apple Pay security. Touch ID can be used to switch between accounts by simply pressing a button.

Professional applications will receive updates


Apple showed updates for a number of professional applications for the MacBook Pro. The new version of Final Cut Pro supports a touchscreen and can reflect an interactive timeline even if the video is played on the full screen. Similar integration awaits Adobe Photoshop, DJ Pro, Microsoft Office, Pixelmator, Sketch and DaVinci Resolve.

5K-display UltraFine from LG


LG has created a 5K-display specifically for the new MacBook Pro. Apple-based Phil Schiller called it a “full docking station,” because he can simultaneously display a picture from a laptop and charge it. While little is known about the display, but the MacBook Pro can support just two of these.

Apple moves away from MacBook Air


The MacBook Air line was not updated; instead, users were asked to take a look at the new 13-inch MacBook Pro without a touchpad and with two USB-C ports, which starts at $ 1,499. But this 13-inch MBP is thinner and smaller than the old MacBook Air.

Apple TV will receive a single application “TV”


Apple does not hesitate to talk about its television as the center of your living room. New Apple TV can run applications like a game console, including Minecraft and more than 2000 other games on the platform. Moreover, Apple has announced a new TV application for Apple TV, a new single content center for all the applications you have installed. The TV application also uses a single authorization method, automatically logs you into new applications as they are added to the device. Also, the application is available on the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to access one content on all of your devices. The application will be released as a free upgrade by the end of this year.

Apple also very much wants users to use Siri everywhere. Now Siri will know the schedule of sports matches and better navigate in the programs.

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