Oculus Company shared new information about the controller Oculus Touch

No. Do not expect to find in this news information about the exact date of release of the headset Oculus Rift. It still remains the greatest mystery. Unless it is known that the release of the VR gadget is scheduled for the first half of 2016. But we now know that the controller Oculus Touch will go on sale in the second quarter of 2016. This information is quite official.

In addition, within the Oculus Connect event, the audience and the press were shown quite curious videos. For example, in this video the founder of the company Palmer Lucky tells how it was not easy to develop a convenient and extremely accurate controller for virtual reality, which would not spoil the user experience with the large delays between their movements and their transfer to the virtual space.

As it turned out, in the process of creating the controller Oculus Touch, developers and designers created more than 300 different prototypes, gradually coming to the most correct and convenient solution. The sensors built into the controller are so accurate that you can easily create 3D sculptures directly in virtual reality, as demonstrated by the example of the new Medium application that Oculus specially designed for creative people. The application will be free and will be available at the same time as the sales of the controllers begin.

Do not stand aside and the developers of video games. Oculus’s internal studios and third-party developers are working hard on different demos and games so that users can fully experience all the advantages of the new controller. These games are easy to learn, but will allow us to understand how great it feels to have such high accuracy of control inside a virtual reality.

Epic Games Company presented its own demo for the Oculus Rift platform and Oculus Touch controllers. Demo this is called Bullet Train and is a daring first-person shooter in which you can shoot at enemies from different weapons and even with two hands. All actions are maximally sharpened to track your hands in space, which you can see the trailer a little lower.

Well, it will be interesting to observe the development of this technology. Attempts to create similar controllers in the gaming industry have already been. Let it be not for virtual reality, but just to track the user’s hands in space. Recall at least funny PlayStation Move with glowing spheres, which never gained popularity among gamers, but they can find a second life with the release of the PlayStation VR headset (in the niece of Project Morpheus ). In any case, 2016 should be very interesting for connoisseurs of video games and new sensations.

# IgroMir | First impressions of the virtual reality set PlayStation VR

One of the main reasons why I so much wanted to get to the exhibition “IgroMir 2015” was the fact that for the first time in Russia the virtual reality set PlayStation VR will be demonstrated . The appeal of the new gadget is always a bit dodgy, and given that I just can not pass by a new gaming accessory for the PlayStation 4 console, and at all made my visit to the Sony stand unavoidable. So, I carefully researched the subject of my interest and now I am ready to share with you my impressions from the headset.

In 2014, Sony announced that it was entering the race to develop helmets for virtual reality, which at that time was the only serious player – Oculus Rift, as well as several companies of a smaller rank. The project was code-named Project Morpheus, and the best engineers of the Japanese company worked on it, including our compatriot Anton Mikhailov, who at one time developed the PlayStation Move controllers for Sony, which allowed tracking the movements of the players’ hands in space with the help of glowing spheres, gyroscopes, accelerometers and video cameras. It should be noted that this is not the first Sony experience in the field of helmets of virtual reality. Back in 1997 she produced the Glasstron helmet, with which it was possible to play MechWarrior 2, as if you were in the cockpit of a giant combat robot. The Japanese company, as it turned out,

Frankly: it was not easy for even journalists to get to the Sony stand. In the first “business day” of the exhibition only privileged representatives of the press had access to the stand, to which Sony decided not to relate us. The right to photograph and test on itself a gadget was only those who for a long time before the exhibition was included in the lists of the first lucky ones and came at a strictly stipulated time. But we are not bastards, so we decided to catch up on the remaining days of Igromir. Already the next morning we stood near the stand one of the first in the live queue, as in the remaining days for the press on the part of Sony no indulgence was foreseen. “We have a democracy here,” said one of the company’s employees. Well, democracy is so democracy.

PlayStation VR 02

And the turn to the innovative gadget, which should go on sale not before the spring of 2016, lined up just gigantic. We used our passes and leaked into the hall a few minutes before ordinary visitors were allowed in. But just seconds later, a line of several dozen schoolchildren with burning eyes lined up behind us. The string of people continued to grow at an incredible rate. Given that there were only three PlayStation VR headsets on the Sony stand, and a demo took about five minutes to show, you can imagine how slowly this line was moving. Running a little forward, I will tell you that the next day I had to heroically defend in the queue two and a half hours to try out the second of the presented demos. But all these inconveniences were definitely worth it.

PlayStation VR 03

I’ll begin my story with physical sensations from the headset. These sensations are exceptionally positive. No tight belts, as in the case of the first revisions of the Oculus Rift. Here everything is based on a system of sliding arms, as in headphones, only this headband is not attached from above, but on your head. The front helmet is equipped with a soft pillow that rests against your forehead and evenly distributes the load in such a way that you do not experience discomfort. The headset is very light, so you can not say that the head or neck quickly get tired of it. The attachment is conveniently pushed and adjusted to the diameter of your head. There is a special button on the headset that adjusts the distance of the virtual screen from your eyes. It is located on the right under the “visor” of the headset. By clicking on it, you can freely adjust the position of the screen to your taste, simply moving the screen forward and backward. Personally, I maximally pulled him to his eyes, to completely immerse himself in fictional worlds. By the way, people who wear glasses have nothing to worry about. PlayStation VR provides this and will allow you to find yourself in virtual reality without taking your glasses off.

PlayStation VR 04

Here it is necessary to note one small detail. When you put on the PlayStation VR, you see a small gap between the headset and your nose at the bottom, through which the light from outside is piercing. At first I thought that this was done for the benefit of citizens with a particularly outstanding snob, but then realized that this was a special engineering solution serving a completely different purpose. What is it for? In order that a person does not forget that all this is not real, but only a fetus of the imagination of programmers and artists. After what we felt and saw at the PlayStation VR stand, this tiny “slot” connecting you with the real world becomes a kind of rescue cable that calms you in especially tense moments of the game and does not allow you to lose your composure.

PlayStation VR 05

PlayStation VR headset is not equipped with built-in headphones, like Oculus Rift. So you have to put your own headphones on top of it. For the PlayStation 4 console, Gold Wireless Stereo Headset headphones are available with surround sound that can simulate up to 60 virtual sound sources. If you do not want to go broke on branded headphones, any other compatible PS4 will work. In general, in terms of necessary for the operation of additional gadgets PlayStation VR is a whole designer. Just imagine: in addition to the headset and console, you will need a PlayStation Camera, console compatible headphones, and PlayStation Move controllers, yes, the ones with luminous spheres. I, fortunately, have it all in the collection. I bought these accessories back in those days, when the virtual reality for the PS4 was not known, so now it’s infinitely glad to it. And what about those who are just going to buy a PlayStation VR? This is a serious question.

PlayStation VR 06

The picture on the internal screen of the headset is very high quality. I judge it on the basis of my little knowledge of virtual reality. No, I have not tried the final version of Oculus Rift, which should go on sale, but in comparison with the first revisions of the Palmera Lucky headset, the PlayStation VR in my eyes wins on the quality of the picture. Given that this picture has a resolution of 960 by 1080 pixels per eye (the general resolution of the screen is 1920 by 1080 pixels), one can imagine what will happen when similar headphones with a resolution of 4K and higher appear in the future. At the moment, a very small number of people have computers capable of issuing such permission, so we will have to be patient. As for the PlayStation 4 console,

PlayStation VR 07

Technically, the headset was significantly tightened from the first demonstration in 2014. In addition to the increased resolution of the 5.7-inch OLED display and the increased image refresh rate that Sony engineers achieved with the unique technology of inserting intermediate frames, the viewing angle was increased, which is now 100 degrees. Frankly: the edges of the picture is not visible. You see the virtual world, but you do not notice its edges with a sidelight, and it’s just a delightful feeling. I did not notice any delays between my movements and the reaction of virtual reality. The developers claim that they achieved an incredibly low latency of only 18 milliseconds. Well, I have no reason not to trust them in this matter. The picture is incredibly smooth and realistic. Literally after a few seconds you begin to forget, that this is only a game, and dissolve in the virtual world. Perhaps this can be called an undoubted advantage of the new technology. The only thing that confuses me personally is the wires that run from the console to the PlayStation VR. The developers promise to make it wireless in the future, but they are unlikely to be able to get rid of the cable to the official release in 2016. Although who knows?

PlayStation VR 08

I started my acquaintance with the PlayStation VR with the demo version, which was developed by the Japanese studio Capcom, which is familiar to all of you with its series of games Resident Evil and Street Fighter. The demo was called The Kitchen and was a five-minute horror, which reminded me of the recent horror film PT from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. I was seated in a chair, I was given a DualShock 4 gamepad and was strictly forbidden to press anything on it. At first I was confused, but then I realized that it was not just for fun. You find yourself bound in the middle of a dark room reminiscent of the country house kitchen. To the left of you are dirty windows, to the right – a huge old refrigerator and shelves with utensils. Directly in front of you is a tripod with a working video camera, and on the floor in the corner lies the body of an unknown man. I lowered my eyes and found my connected wrists. Now it became clear to me why you need to keep the gamepad in your hands: so you have the palms closest to each other, which corresponds to their position in the game. His role was played by the fact that my character in the game was wearing the same jeans as me. I saw my legs through the slot below the headset and immediately saw their continuation in virtual reality. Believe me, this repeatedly adds realism to what is happening. At first I pushed and dropped my tripod with the camera, and from the roar I came to the mysterious man who was unconscious all this time. He jumped up, grabbed a knife and asked me to raise my hands, so that it would be more convenient for him to cut my fetters. I lifted the gamepad, and he began to cut the ropes with a blade, and with a convulsive drumstick to himself, that you must immediately leave here. Behind him a woman emerged from nowhere with long tangled hair and a face distorted by a hellish grimace. She rushed at him and stunned him. Then she picked up the knife and approached me. The blade swayed in my face, and I can clearly see the dangling strands of her dirty hair and crazy eyes. I want to move back from it, but nowhere – the back of the chair on which I sit interferes. Suddenly, a woman stabs me in the left leg. You may not believe me, but at that moment I experienced a phantom pain, as if the blade had entered not into a virtual hero, but into my own flesh. This feeling is hard to describe in words, so just take my word for it – the effect of the presence is incredible. What happens in the demo version next – I will not tell you so that you can familiarize yourself with this demo when the PlayStation VR goes on sale. Surely, Sony will publish it in free access. However, I will say that The Kitchen is an incredible experience for connoisseurs of horror and seekers of new impressions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to show you any of the frames from this demo, as it is specially launched without a demonstration TV to keep the story secret. It was interesting to watch from outside for other people who tried The Kitchen after me. They shuddered, shouted and tried to jump from the chair, but the staff of the stand calmed them down. The demo is really very scary, it’s silly to argue with this. to keep the plot secret. It was interesting to watch from outside for other people who tried The Kitchen after me. They shuddered, shouted and tried to jump from the chair, but the staff of the stand calmed them down. The demo is really very scary, it’s silly to argue with this. to keep the plot secret. It was interesting to watch from outside for other people who tried The Kitchen after me. They shuddered, shouted and tried to jump from the chair, but the staff of the stand calmed them down. The demo is really very scary, it’s silly to argue with this.

PlayStation VR 09

The second demo, which I tried on myself, is a work of the British studio London Studio. It is called The London Heist and tells about everyday life of representatives of the criminal world. The format of the exhibition “IgroMir 2015” did not allow us to show the full version of the demo, so it was launched in a truncated form. From it was completely cut out part with the pursuit and gunfire on the cars. But even what the organizers left us, makes an indelible impression and is remembered for a long time. It all begins with the fact that you, like in the case of The Kitchen, sit tied in a chair in some basement room. Before you is a bald smirking bandit with a gas burner in his hands, which, apparently, is going to torture you to find out some valuable information. Beforehand, you are given each hand on the PlayStation Move controller, so you can see your limbs in virtual space. At first, I was embarrassed that I could not find my hands anywhere near, although I brought the controllers to my eyes, and then it turned out that I just had to wait a bit and the game would allow you to freely manipulate them. At the moment when the bandit had already brought his torch to my eyes, a phone call was ringing. His boss asks me to hand it over to me, and he, as if mocking, holds the phone over my head. It is at this point that you need to reach out, take the smartphone and put it to your ear. Curiously, it is in this ear that you will hear the voice of the telephone interlocutor, as I said above – the surround sound in the case of virtual reality is very important. After that, we are transported to the past, where you have to rob some rich estate. You are examining someone’s office, open the lockers of the desk, find a gun and a few clips for it, find the key and open the safe with jewels, but at the same time the alarm goes off and the guards come running to you. The shootout looks just gorgeous. You can hide, dodge, crouch, while shooting back from enemies and recharging your gun. The weapon is recharged, as in real life – you grab the clip from the table and insert it into the gun. The first few seconds to shoot is unusual, but very quickly you will learn and start to hit the enemies directly into their grinning heads. Enemies cinematographically fall and break their bodies furniture, break from the balcony, hiding from you behind various shelters. Everything ends too quickly, and you want additives, but when you are removed from the headset, you see a couple of hundred people, which many hours stand in line and also crave to touch the new technology. By the way, if in The Kitchen the resolution of the picture seemed a bit grainy to me, then in The London Heist the graininess was no longer evident, which suggests the use of different resolutions in different games.

The third demo version is a branch of EVE Online’s space strategy called EVE Valkyrie in the genre of space simulators. We have already seen it before in the version for Oculus Rift, so we did not dare to defend the queue for the third time. And looking at the length of this queue, it became clear that we will have time to grow old and die much earlier than it will end. Nevertheless, we interviewed the eyewitnesses who managed to try the demo on themselves. They really liked it, however, it seems, among the people who left the PlayStation VR, it was impossible to meet dissatisfied people. Both representatives of the press and ordinary visitors of the exhibition agreed that it was a complete delight and the most anticipated gaming accessory of the beginning of 2016.

However, it was not without small technical overlays and unpleasant moments, which I’m not going to keep silent about. For example, a couple of times during the demo The London Heist the position of my hands in the virtual space seemed to move slightly aside, but then they returned to their place. A couple of times with me, consoles with demos were hanging, and they had to be restarted. All this can be attributed to the fact that the software is still quite raw and the developers have a few months to optimize and debug it. Also personally, I was very much indignant with the fact that one of the volunteers (yes, Anton, this is us about you), whom Sony PR hired to work on the stand, constantly wrinkled faces to visitors in the headset, taking advantage of the fact that they do not see him. He walked around them and frankly mocked them, amusing the crowd. I did not see anything funny in person. For me it was inappropriate and very ugly on his part. But who am I to judge? However, the rest of the stand staff were quite friendly and pleasant to talk with.

PlayStation VR, of course, is a very attractive acquisition for all fans of video games. Of course, we face the obvious question: how many games will support it on the PlayStation 4 console? To date, for the headset claimed games such as Adrift, Ark: Survival Evolved, EVE Valkyrie, Project CARS, Surgeon Simulator, War Thunder and dozens of others. Here it should be borne in mind that I listed only a few multiplatform projects, without taking into account the games that Sony itself is preparing for release. But she even createdA separate studio for the development of exclusive VR-games. Even if there are not enough available games at the start of sales, I’m ready to wait for how many and all this time to pamper myself with technical demos, of which for today more than two dozen have been created for the PlayStation VR. Remember at least a demo of Summer Lesson, in which you can communicate with charming Japanese girls – is not it cute? The next year promises to be hot, because three sets of virtual reality from major manufacturers HTC / Valve, Oculus VR and Sony will immediately go on sale. It remains only to wait for their release and compare prices, as today we do not know the cost of any of these three gadgets.

Light L16 – an amazing camera with a lot of lenses

When you look at the camera Light L16, then in the head itself there is an association with the world of insects. There is a feeling that you see a spider, who looks at you with dozens of his eyes. In fact, a similar appearance camera pursues a very important goal: to save the user from cumbersome lenses and to reduce professional camera to such an extent that he can fit in your pocket.

Light L16 is a completely new type of cameras with a multi-diaphragm. While DSLR and mirrorless cameras use interchangeable lenses and one large sensor, the L16 uses many smaller lenses and smaller sensors. As components of the camera, details are used that can be found in modern smartphones. When you press the shutter release button, the image is taken at the same time by ten tiny cameras with different focal lengths, and then the images are merged together using software to create an amazingly detailed photo with a resolution of up to 52 megapixels.

Light L16 - an amazing camera with a lot of lenses

Pictures taken with this camera are surprisingly bright, juicy and clear. You can take a look at the photo below and evaluate their quality. The camera perfectly copes with the lack of lighting of the scene, so it’s easier to take pictures in the evening or in dark rooms than ever. The camera has an intuitive touch interface, which even a person from photography can very well understand. The camera allows you to adjust the depth of field of the image after it is made. We already saw something like this in Lytro’s cell .

Light L16 - an amazing camera with a lot of lenses

Light L16 - an amazing camera with a lot of lenses

Light L16 - an amazing camera with a lot of lenses

Light L16 also can shoot video with a resolution of up to 4K and a fixed focal length of 35, 70 or 150 mm. Of course, the video is shot with only one lens, not several, so this function can be considered just a pleasant bonus to the basic capabilities of the camera. The camera will be available for sale in the summer of 2016, and its preliminary price is indicated at $ 1,700. Expensive? Yes, it’s expensive. But for certain there are wishing to acquire such an unusual gadget. By the way, those whopre-order on the camera within the next month, will be able to purchase it at a reduced price of $ 1,300.

American airports are equipped with tracking systems for drones

Recently, the drones have been closely integrated into our lives. They are used by photographers, cameramen, delivery services , scientists and even parents to entertain their children. But there are those people for whom drones are an additional threat to security in their difficult work. We are now talking about airport employees . The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seriously concerned about the increase in the number of drones flying dangerously close to various airports.

What would the Civil Aviation Authority do to protect airports from quadrocopters and other radio-controlled cars, people simply do not hear them. Already a law on this subject was released, and the public tried to inform, and evenspecial application for a smartphone have been published – but people do not quit and persistently continue to buzz their toys near airports.

In order to somehow protect thousands of passengers from amateur pilots, the FAA made an unusual decision. The agency teamed up with a private CACI company to test and implement at US airports the tracking technology for drones and their owners in dangerous proximity to the runway. Thus, it is planned to maximally secure the take-off and landing aircraft from collisions with radio-controlled drones.

The prototype of the new tracking system scans the radio signals that are used to control the drones, and if such signals were detected, then the system is able to find the owner of the drone in a radius of up to 8 kilometers from the airport. Initially, it is planned to install the system in several American airports for field testing. Airport names inpress release the FAA website is not specified.

Perhaps in the future, agencies from other countries will also adopt similar systems for tracking drones and their owners, as “dronomania” continues to gain momentum, and thanks to Chinese online shopping, today you can buy a radio controlled quad copter for a penny, without leaving it from home.

Kickstarter users invested in flashlight, shone from the heat of hands

Forget batteries and solar panels – the American inventor came up with a flashlight, working from touch. A small device called Lumen is equipped with a panel that converts the heat of a person’s body into an electric current to power a small LED .

Lumen length of 4 centimeters and weighing 35 grams does not have a large light power, but the brightness is not inferior to the built-in flash smartphone, often used as a flashlight. The author of the development is the engineer Ross Zhuravsky from New York.

The device is equipped with a ceramic plate – a thermoelectric element, which is designed to collect heat energy from a person’s touch. Generation of electrical energy is due to the difference in temperature.


Reading the external temperature, Lumen “feels” when touched. The metal case of the flashlight accumulates the received heat.

On kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter launched a campaign to raise funds for the implementation of the project, which has already managed to collect more than 40 thousand dollars from the declared 5 thousand. The campaign will last for another three weeks.

The temperature difference between the body and the environment is sufficient for the device to generate the energy needed to operate a single LED, “Zhuravsky said.

Lumen is able to produce about 15 mA and 3 volts with a relatively small temperature difference, Daily Mail writes.


The example on Kickstarter takes into account the air temperature difference (27 ° C) and the tip of the finger (36 ° C).

When the difference is large, excess energy is accumulated in the condenser. This energy is enough to supply a 5-millimeter LED with a light output of 3000 mCd, – explained the engineer.

Lumen is from 35 dollars. For an additional $ 15, a tritium backlight is available, making it easier to find a flashlight in the dark.

ACPAD – MIDI controller that turns your guitar into an orchestra

ACPAD is the world’s first wireless MIDI controller for guitarists . This gadget is quite capable of turning a classical six-string guitar into a full-featured synthesizer with a built-in sampler, a bunch of settings and other sound buns. This device was developed by German musician Robin Sucroso, who since 2009 experimented with various prototypes and, finally, presented us with the final version of his invention.

The idea of ​​ACPAD before the ingenious is simple. You just need to stick a thin synthesizer out of the polymer substance on the frontal guitar deck, and no glue is needed, as it is fairly firmly held on the smooth surface of the guitar by itself, and at any time it can be easily peeled off without damaging the instrument. On the surface of the synthesizer are various control elements, including two sliders, 10 buttons of sound settings, two samplers with the ability to record and loop the sounds, as well as 8 round touchpads with sensitivity to the force of pressing and gold-plated contacts for more precise operation.

ACPAD - MIDI controller that turns your guitar into an orchestra

All functions of the synthesizer are easily configurable and programmed with the help of official software. The musician can assign to the keys the sounds of various musical instruments , thereby turning his guitar into a real orchestra. Of course, for a full gadget to work it will need to be connected to a computer or mobile device via USB or wireless. ACPAD is powered by batteries hidden in its body, which last for 4-5 hours of continuous use of the guitar.

ACPAD - MIDI controller that turns your guitar into an orchestra

One of the most important tasks of ACPAD developers was the minimization of delays between pressing the controller keys and playing sound. In the final version of the device, the delays were reduced to the maximum possible minimum, at which the musician does not experience any discomfort. You can see the work of the device in the video just below. The song is performed by the creator of ACPAD Robin Sucroso.

The device should go on sale in May 2016, but for now you can support the developerson kraudfanding-portal Kickstarter. ACPAD is currently available at a reduced price of 219 euros, and after it goes on sale, the price will soar to 349 euros.

A critical vulnerability has been detected in Ledger’s hardware crypto

It is generally accepted that crypto-currency hardware wallets are very reliable, and therefore are best suited for storing their savings and conducting various transactions. One of the most successful devices last year was the French hardware cryptic escort Ledger, whose sales quickly passed over a million devices. But recently, representatives of the company-developer reported that Ledger found a critical vulnerability, allowing you to substitute the final purses and steal the recipient’s own crypto currency.

To send funds or download the address of the recipient to Ledger, it must be connected to the Internet – at this stage, the attackers and get access to the device. Ledger wallets create a display address using JavaScript, and malware has the ability to change the details of the attacker’s address, after which all the money intended for the recipient will go to the scammers, and the sender will be sure that everything is in order.

So far, no one has suffered from the vulnerability in the wallet, but the developers posted a video on the site with a demonstration proving that it is real and dangerous. It is noted that the software purse stored on the PC in the folder AppData, too, can be attacked by scammers after substituting the address of the recipient.

Avoid the trick of hackers can be quite simple: the developers recommend that before making transactions, always verify the correct address of the recipient – just press the button with the monitor image. After that, the user can independently confirm the correctness of the transaction with one more click.

Even despite the occasional “holes” in the security of such devices, the use of hardware wallets is still one of the most effective and safe options for storing crypto currency, because there are absolutely no solutions at present safe from the attackers.

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China prepares for sea tests of railgun

In the web there were photos of the Chinese large landing ship “Haiyanshan” of the project Type 072-III with supposedly installed in its bow “railgun”. Western media report that the testing of a new gun can begin in the near future. If this is the case, then China will be the first country to install a weapon of this class on the ship and bring it to sea for testing.

Recall that the railgun is a weapon that uses electromagnetic forces to disperse a projectile. The design of the system implies that the projectile at the first stage of the shot is part of an electrical circuit that accelerates it between two contact rails (hence the name railgun). For a shot gun needs to supply high voltage and current, which can not provide a simple connection to the electrical network. Several countries are engaged in the development of technologies for this type of weapons. China, in turn, has been working on the railgun since the early 2000s, and on the whole, research in the field of electromagnetic weapons has been conducted by the country since the 1980s.

In open access, the first information on the creation and testing of new weapons by China appeared in 2005. Then it was a question of relatively compact laboratory samples, unsuitable for scaling and use in real conditions. At the end of last year, the Marine University of Engineering Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army of China announced the development of technologies that could be used to create the railgun. Specifically, it was a method of electromagnetic propulsion of shells. There were no other details on this subject.

Pretty dimensional, not on the scale of the ship, the gun, installed in its bow, is unlike any existing artillery ship system in China. It looks like a huge tower with a barrel, behind which three sea containers are mounted on the deck. Various sources report that, probably, a charging automaton is located in the tower, while in the containers there may be an energy system, generators and a weapon control system. Also, a new element appears on the superstructure of the landing ship, which may be a radar control station for fire.

The media also notes that, as a rule, China uses Type 909 / 909A project ships to test new weapons. In total, the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army of China has four such ships, each with a displacement of 4.5 thousand tons. It is possible that the gun was so large that its power plant simply can not provide the required amount of energy railgun, so it was decided to use the ship “Haiyangshan” with a displacement of 7 thousand tons.

It should also be recalled that even earlier military prototypes of the railgun were presented by the American company General Atomics, as well as British BAE Systems. Installation BAE Systems uses as metal projectiles metal kinetic blanks weighing 16 kilograms. The muzzle energy of the gun is 32 megajoules. The muzzle energy of the prototype installation of General Atomics is 1 megajoule higher. Last summer, the US Navy Research Department, in conjunction with BAE Systems, tested a railgun mounted at the Dahlgren training ground in Virginia. As part of the tests, the gun first fired two shots in a row.

To date, the development of railguns for the US Naval Research Administration has been frozen. Engineers and military decide the fate of the project, which now seems very vague. It is possible that the project will be completely stopped. The reason for this is the complexity of the gun, its high energy consumption, the relatively low resource of the railgun barrel, and the absence at the time of the fleet of ships suitable for installation and large-scale testing of the electromagnetic installation.

Startup Citybirds has developed the “most thin and light” electric car

Recently, the developers visited the ISPO exhibition in Munich, where they presented the electric self-production of their own production called Eagle, which, according to the creators, should emphasize the elegance and ease of their offspring.

The battery capacity is enough for 15 kilometers, but the duration of the trip can be increased by inserting another battery into a special compartment on the steering column – then Eagle can drive up to thirty kilometers. You can charge the “Eagle” from the car’s cigarette lighter or from an ordinary outlet.

The scooter is capable of speeding up to 25 kilometers per hour, independently prompting the road and sharing with the owner various useful information. In addition, the scooter can report on the situation on the road and predict the weather – this is the display located on the steering wheel. In addition, it can also duplicate the screen of the smartphone and track calls, incoming messages and other information via Bluetooth.

The prototype brought to the exhibition was made of plastic, but in the series there will be a scooter made of carbon fiber. Its frame is doubled, which makes it easy to carry it on the shoulder or in a large bag, so even if the scooter batteries sit down, it will obviously not be a big burden.

The price of the scooter will be announced later, closer to the start of sales. It is planned to start production not earlier than next year.

Overview of the game Shadow of the Colossus

Released in 2005 for the console PlayStation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus overnight became a cult. This was largely due to the revolutionary for that time game process and an unusual setting chosen by developers from Team Ico. In 2011, the HD-remaster of the game for the PlayStation 3 was released, and very soon, namely on February 7, a full-fledged remake for the PlayStation 4 will be on sale, which I want to tell you in more detail today.

Game: Shadow of the Colossus
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action / Adventure
Release date: February 7, 2018
Developer: Bluepoint Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Shadow of the Colossus is part of an amazingly rich universe in which the events of two other great games unfold – Ico and The Last Guardian . The author of these works of Fumito Oued does not like to reveal secrets to gamers and chew on incomprehensible moments, therefore his works are always shrouded in mystery, and over time they acquire fan theories and millions of conjectures. It seems to me that this intrigue makes the games of the talented Japanese game designer even more attractive.

The plot of Shadow of the Colossus at first glance is simple and straightforward. The protagonist named Wander (Wander – “wander”, English.) Riding a faithful horse Agro delivers to the ancient temple the body of his beloved Mono. Laying it on the stone altar, he calls to the dark deity Dormin, begging him to bring the girl back to life. Dormin agrees to help the young man, but in return asks to perform a difficult task: to find and kill sixteen giant colossi living in a vast valley.

You can travel along the valley both on foot and on horseback to the Agro. The latter method is much more preferable, as sometimes it is necessary to overcome huge distances. An important role also plays the sword of the protagonist, who, being removed from the scabbard, is able to focus the sunlight and point to the side where the next colossus is. A non-standard navigation system is enough, but it’s even more interesting to play. Despite the fact that the game does its best to create the illusion of an “open world”, it is necessary to kill the colossi in a strict sequence, in advance thought out by the writers. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go to any of the monsters of your choice.

Each duel with the colossus is a real test for the gray matter and fingers of the gamer. Monsters are giant creatures made of stone, living flesh, various designs, according to which the protagonist must climb, trying to find vulnerabilities with luminous glyphs and thrust their blade into them. And if the very first colossus is not very clever and agile, then with each subsequent boss the rules of the game will become more complicated. You will have to track them down, think through the strategy of attacks, take into account the landscape features and even use the help of your Agro horse in order to defeat the monsters. It is the battles with huge creatures that underlie this game and, believe me a word, it only wins from it.

Management in the game is quite simple and intuitive. The main skill of the main character is the ability to grab for various protrusions, wool colossi and other objects. Climbing the sheer rocks or the backs of giant monsters, we should not forget that the protagonist has a limited amount of stamina, and as soon as the forces leave him, you risk jumping from a tremendous height and crashing against stony ground. During the battle you can use your sword, which will tell you where exactly on the colossus you need to get to find its weak point. There are other auxiliary tools in the game, for example, a bow that can attract the attention of the boss. Personally, it seemed to me that the management became more responsive than could not boast of the original for the PS2. This is facilitated by additional control schemes, which were not in the original game.

If you think that fights will be similar one to another, you are greatly mistaken. You will not only see land colossi, but also flying and even underwater monsters. The spectacularity of such fights is so impressive that you sometimes forget that you are playing a game. Sometimes it seems that you are watching an expensive Hollywood blockbuster. Your consciousness is completely transferred to an eerie fairy world, attracting the myriad secrets hidden in it. Despite the fact that for the most part the world of the game is deserted, occasionally you will meet representatives of fauna, for example, lizards, which can be eaten, thereby increasing the level of health.

Visually the game was created from scratch, which immediately catches your eye. The picture is so clear, bright and detailed that I do not want to go back to the original PS2-version or even to the HD-remaster. The development of the Shadow of the Colossus in the sample of 2018 was the responsibility of the studio Bluepoint Games, which ate not one dog on the reissue of the classic games. Earlier they were engaged in HD-remasters Ico, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Uncharted and other wonderful games, but in this case they were entrusted with creating not just a remaster, but a full-fledged high-budget remake. The source code for the game was taken from the original in 2005, but was partially modified and adapted to modern realities.

On a regular PS4 console, the game is at 1080p at 30 fps, the more advanced PS4 Pro displays the picture in two modes: either 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. Each texture, every three-dimensional object in the game was created from scratch by original concepts, but using modern graphics technology, so the game looks very impressive and fresh. Immediately, the love that Bluepoint Games invested in the remake is felt, because they are great fans of Fumito Oueda’s creativity, so they tried to transfer the game to the new generation of consoles as qualitatively as possible. Another nice remake bonus was the photo mode, with which players can make beautiful screenshots, styling the picture with photo filters and optical effects.

Finally, there is an intelligible automatic saving in the game, which will insure you in case of unexpected death. You can also save in manual mode at the special altars scattered on the map. After you defeat the last colossus, you will also have the opportunity to perform various additional tasks and tests for a while. But personally it seems to me that the game itself is quite full, and such bonuses will please only the most dedicated fans. But the presence of them to anything the player does not oblige, so they can easily be attributed to the benefits of a remake.

Sound and music were preserved in full. The spooky voice of a dark deity, pronouncing words on a specially created language for the game, the sound of a heavy gigantic colossal step, the trampling of Agro hooves across the plains, hundreds of sound effects will delight the hearing of all players without exception. But, the developers have made it so that this time everything sounds even more realistic and lively, which makes the atmosphere of the game noticeably deeper. The musical accompaniment skilfully emphasizes what is happening on the screen, also enhancing the emotional connection between the player and the fairy world of Fumito Ueda.


  • Perfect remake of the legendary game.
  • Every battle with the colossus is a small triumph of game design.
  • Visually, the game is gorgeous in every way.
  • Sound and music have become even more impressive.
  • Improved and enhanced management.
  • Finally, automatic saving was added to the game.
  • Bonus content and additional tests.
  • The game is completely translated into Russian.
  • The game was added a photo mode.


  • There are still problems with horse management.

Shadow of the Colossus is an exemplary remake that takes us to the distant past of the PlayStation 2 era and allows us to re-experience long-forgotten emotions after living a small virtual life in a fantasy world full of terrible giants and deadly dangers. Developers from Bluepoint Games have done a really great job, presenting the game with beautiful graphics, redesigning the control scheme, adding it all with a wonderful photo mode and significantly improving the sound quality. If you have never played Shadow of the Colossus, do not hesitate and buy it as soon as you have the opportunity. Such games no longer exist in nature, so skipping this masterpiece is strictly not recommended. If you are already familiar with the original 2005 or with an HD-remake, this will be an excellent occasion to re-play the game in a new modern guise and refresh your memories. I bet the game10 points out of 10 , because it is simply impossible for me to get a smaller piece of art from it.